Notification Bug | Disabled Job

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Notification Bug | Disabled Job

Post by rigiddesign »

There appears to be a bug with notifications. It is sending out Critical notifications for jobs that are not enabled.

Is anyone else seeing this?
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Re: Notification Bug | Disabled Job

Post by JetAppsAdam »

Hello rigiddesign,

This is actually by design. In the event of a disaster recovery, all backup jobs are automatically set to "disabled" by default. That way, if someone forgets to reenable a job after recovering from a disaster, JetBackup will send an alert to make sure the client doesn't miss out on making important backups. However, we definitely understand your use case and would like to encourage you to submit a feature request! You can do so at Please note that we utilize the voting system to gauge demand for new features. The more votes a request has, the more likely it will be up for consideration by our developers.
Thank you,

Adam G
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