Making Jetbackup shortcuts/icon appears for cPanel users

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Making Jetbackup shortcuts/icon appears for cPanel users

Post by deus »

I’ve logged into our WHM instance and navigated to Home »Packages »Feature Manager »Edit Feature List

I’ve made sure all the Jetbackup plugin features are ticked however when logging in as a customer into the cPanel interface, the only shortcut/icon that appears is the single Jetbackup 5 icon listed under the ‘Files’ category. I’m unable to get the Jetbackup section with all the Jetbackup icons to appear in the customers cPanel interface.

My understanding is that this is controlled within the Feature Manager area of WHM. Any help guidance would be appreciated.

What I'm wanting to display to my cPanel users

The settings I think I need to select in WHM to display those shortcuts in cPanel
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Re: Making Jetbackup shortcuts/icon appears for cPanel users

Post by JetAppsRichard »

Hello deus,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our forums. Unfortunately, the desired feature you are trying to locate on WHM/cPanel is not currently available for JetBackup 5. The JetBackup Section in cPanel is available for JetBackup 4, however, our previous approach of developing JetBackup 4 and supplemental products to be panel/platform-oriented allowed us to achieve a certain level of integration which included the built-in cPanel section for JetBackup 4 Features. In order for our team to continue to expand support and maintain JetBackup across multiple panels and platforms, we saw the benefit in changing our approach for developing JetBackup 5 and future products from a platform-oriented to a platform-agnostic approach and be less dependent on 3rd party platforms especially in terms of major version updates and changes.

With this new approach, our development team has created a single end-user interface accessible through the JetBackup 5 icon found under the "Files" section on cPanel. The single end-user UI allows us to ensure that JetBackup 5 users can expect the same seamless experience between all supported panels and platforms.

I would like to note that our development team is actively looking for user feedback regarding the new end-user UI and are eager to see any suggestions the community has. Feel free to provide any and all feedback here in our forums or in related feature requests such as ... ce-for-jb5. If you have any other questions please let us know and thank you for your continued support.
Best Regards,
Richard, JetApps Team
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