Restore an account from digital ocean folder

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Restore an account from digital ocean folder

Post by staboul »

Hi everybody,

I have accidentally deleted a cpanel account at whm. I have located the folder of previous backups at digital Ocean ( I use it like a S3 storage solution for my backups) . The folder has inside a jetbackup.index file and some folders (files,snap1, snap2, snap3 etc) . I suppose they are the backups I had taken. I want to ask is it possible to restore the account using the folder from digital ocean? I had some emails at this account that I really need to recover.
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Re: Restore an account from digital ocean folder

Post by JetAppsTrenton »

Hello staboul,

To recover a deleted account, navigate to the Accounts section and click "View Orphan Accounts". From there choose the specific account you wish to restore. You can access and select the desired backups to restore. The orphan account feature in JetBackup is designed to store backups of inactive accounts. These backups are automatically deleted based on the "Delete orphan backups older than" settings.

Hopefully, this helps clarify your question! Please let us know if you require further assistance.

Here is our documentation for more information on Orphan Accounts. ... n-accounts

Best Regards

Trenton V
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