Slack Private Channel

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Slack Private Channel

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Short information on what I am seeing...

I have been trying to get Slack configured so that the bot will send everything to a private channel.
However it appears it will only send it to the "general" channel, not even any other public channel.

I can provide much longer information.
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Re: Slack Private Channel

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Thank you for reaching out through the forums. I see that you are trying to use a Slack Private Channel for your Slack Integration. Please note that currently JetBackup 5 Slack Integration only supports sending notifications to Public Channels. This is because JetBackup uses the `conversations.list` slack API method in order to list workspace channels however this will only return Public Channels by default. Generally, the channel should be public as the Permissions/Scopes listed in our documentation only apply to public channels. I would highly recommend opening a new Feature Request to have this feature updated to support Private Channels.

To continue troubleshooting the issue where the app cannot post into public channels, may you please provide more details about any errors you may be receiving and the current Bot Token Scopes you have provided for your app. You can find more information on the required scopes for JetBackup 5 in our documentation here: JetBackup 5 - Slack Notification Plugin.

Additionally, may you verify if the Slack "App/Bot" was created in the same workspace ( that #notification was created in? Please make sure your "Slack App" was added to the correct workspace. A simple way to verify this would be to type @JetBackupAppNameHere in the #notification channel. You should receive a notice from Slack asking if you'd like to invite the bot, which can be disregarded.

Please have a look at the information above and let us know if you require any further assistance.

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