Jetbackup Database Backup Options

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Jetbackup Database Backup Options

Post by bubirsifir »

We can easily take database backups. However, there is no "create database" statement in the backups taken. Therefore, we are having trouble importing the databases we have downloaded.

How can we solve this problem, can you help?
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Re: Jetbackup Database Backup Options

Post by JetAppsAnton »

Can you please clarify if you are having issues backing up or restoring databases in JetBackup and which version of JetBackup you are using? v1.x.x or v5.x.x?

Just to clarify, we utilize mysqldump to generate database backups and if configured within your Backup Job, you should be able to restore databases directly from JetBackup.

JetBackup for Linux 1.x: ... bases.html

JetBackup 5 (for Linux): ... d-settings

Thank You,
Anton, JetApps Team
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