Diferent tasks backup the same folder

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Diferent tasks backup the same folder

Post by chelssi »


I've created a backup job selecting one directory "/home/admin/domains/ondomain.com/public_html" and works correctly.

The problem is that if I create others backup jobs selecting any other folder it always made the backup of "/home/admin/domains/ondomain.com/public_html" the folder that I selected in my firs job

I've created until 7 more task selecting other folders and when in runs the job the content always is "/home/admin/domains/ondomain.com/public_html" ignoring the selected directory.

Can anyone help me?

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Re: Diferent tasks backup the same folder

Post by JetAppsRichard »

Helo chelssi,

Thank you for using JetBackup's Directories Backup Feature! In order to help clarify the issue, allow me to ask a few additional questions.
  • Do the new selected folders exist under the original directory? if so, JetBackup will always back up the entire path to the selected folder.
I am looking forward to your update.
Best Regards,
Richard, JetApps Team
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