Reindex Backups

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Reindex Backups

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I deleted manually the backups on the destination.
I try the command: jetbackup5api -F reindexDestination -D '_id=(ID DESTIONATION HERE)'
I have 1 backup only, but jetbackup show olds 4 backups:

How can I do a backup recount to show the correct number?
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Re: Reindex Backups

Post by JetAppsAdam »


Our team has done some internal testing related to this and has been able to verify that there is an issue with JetBackup updating the Full Backup Statistic when all backups for an account were deleted manually.

From our tests, this issue only appears to affect accounts that had backups generated that no longer have any, and is limited to the JetBackup UI reporting the incorrect number of full backups. It does not in any way affect the core functionality of JetBackup. If the account does still have backups associated with it, our current workaround is to reindex the destination and then restart the JetBackup 5 service. However, this will not update the backup count for any accounts that currently have zero(0) backups.

With that said, we do have an Internal Git Case #JB1254, and our development team has plans to address this issue in a future update of JetBackup.

If this is not the case (0 backups), please don’t hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 Technical Support Team at [email protected] so that our team may help investigate and address your issue in a timely manner.

Thank You,

Adam Guzman
Technical Support Representative | JetApps, LLC.
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Thank you,

Adam G
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