JB5 possible bug

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JB5 possible bug

Post by nowayjose »

When JB5 completes a backup we get Backup Partially Completed because the the ssl certificates backup step fails if the account is over disk quota.

Example 1:

[25/Aug/2021 11:56:54 +0000] [PID 2063] [ERROR] Error while trying to get data from whmapi1 "listcrts" function . Error: API failure: (XID fzrwty) The system failed to create the file “/home/complete/ssl/ssl.db.lock” (as EUID: 2090, EGID: 1949 1949) because of the following error: Disk quota exceeded

Example 2:

[25/Aug/2021 22:57:18 +0000] [PID 2063] [ERROR] Error while trying to get data from whmapi1 "listcrts" function . Error: The system failed to create the directory “/home/hostwebo/ssl” as the user “hostwebo” because of an error: Disk quota exceeded

in both cases it results in this status for that account backup:
Backup Partially Completed

This is annoying because we have to then check the logs to see what the issue was only to find out it could not backup SSL because an account was over disk quota.
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Re: JB5 possible bug

Post by JetAppsRichard »


Thank you for reaching out through our forums. The error that is being reported in your examples are from the WHM/cPanel whmapi cli command "listcrts". JetBackup uses the Panel API in order to collect the account information to perform backups. However, in your case it appears that command is failing for some accounts due to the error: "Disk quota exceeded".

May you try testing the whmapi1 command manually by running the following command on the terminal while logged in as root:

Code: Select all

whmapi1 listcrts user=complete registered=1
If you receive the same error as shown in the backup, then you will need to adjust the configured account quota on your WHM. Otherwise please feel free to open a support ticket by emailing [email protected] and our 24/7 support team will gladly investigate further.
Best Regards,
Richard, JetApps Team
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