Backup retention issue

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Backup retention issue

Post by perizia »

JetBackup 5 stops making new backups when the backup retention is reached, when it is supposed to delete the old ones and continue making them.

However, the dashboard still shows that backups are still being performed, but no new backups are stored in the backup destination.

If I increase the retention, for example, from 15 to 30 days, new backups start to be performed but stop again when the new retention is reached.
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Re: Backup retention issue

Post by JetAppsRichard »

Hello perizia,

Thank you for reaching out through our forums. In JetBackup, the retention specifies the number of backups that are stored at the destination. If you set the retention to 15, for example, JetBackup will only maintain 15 total backups for that account. New backups generated will take the place of the existing snaps making sure the backup job stays within its retention. This is why you are only seeing 15 or 30 snaps in the destination depending on what retention value you have set.

If you are performing Full Account backups you can go to Accounts -> View Backups and notice that the selected backup is the most recent backup generated. If this is not the case please provide further information like What type of Backup Job are you running Incremental, Compressed, Archived? What Destination are you backing up to? What is the Schedule set for this Backup Job?

I hope you find the information above helpful. Please let us know if you have further questions.
Best Regards,
Richard, JetApps Team
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